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Postpartum Programs


Our Postpartum program , will rebuild, restore and repair you on your new journey into motherhood.

Pregnancy Programs


Our pregnancy pilates is a great way to keep healthy and strong, and takes you through your whole journey.

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Our classes are held over several weeks which you complete with guidance in your own time.



We hold several online workshops through out the year. Get in touch to find out more.


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Live Upcoming Classes

Subscribe to our next term of live classes . Our classes include 6 week programs on post-partum, pregnancy and other pilates workshops.

Check out our upcoming events and sign up to a course that suits you. 

We have something to suit everybody!

Pilates course

Anytime Online Classes​

Pregnancy Pilates

Our pregnancy pilates classes offer many physical and emotional benefits, combining classical pilates which have been modified for pregnancy and strengthening exercises with relaxation, mindfulness and breathing techniques. Preparing you for birth and to help you through your pregnancy journey.

Postpartum Pilates

The postpartum course , is designed for you 6 weeks post vaginal birth, and 10-12 post c -section. This course is all about rebuilding, recovering and regaining functional strength of your body, through breathwork, pelvic floor recovery and functional strength , to help you on your journey as a new mother. 

Variety Classes


Here you will find a variety of classes safe for pregnancy and postpartum, using weights and props. Why not try one today with access for 2 weeks once you sign up

Happy Moms

  • Amazing, I was having severe hip pain before I went to Margaret for a few one-to-one sessions and she recommended her online Pilates classes. After six weeks I feel like a new woman. The pain has greatly reduced and I’m able to lift my toddler and … Read More

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