Happy Moms

“I just finished the 6 weeks of my pregnancy pilates ( it was my first time to do pilates ) and I really enjoyed it. You explained everything so well and made the classes very variable.

I am going to go back and do them all again. I’m 29 weeks pregnant now and its nice to have this time to myself set aside each week. So handy to be able to do it in my own time too as having a 2 year old also means I cant commit to a set time every week for a live class. I will definitely be signing up to your post pregnancy pilates classes after baby has arrived!”


Joanne Lynch

“I came across Margaret on Instagram during the April /May lockdown while I was pregnant with my second baby. I was suffering with pelvic girdle pain, so following her online Pregnancy Pilates classes on Instagram which really boosted my flexibility when I was limited in what other exercise I could do.

More recently I completed it her post partum Pilates class. I found it an excellent way to slowly introduce myself to exercise again. She explains everything extremely well so not only can you carry out the exercises correctly, you can understand the purpose of each exercise & therefore increasing your motivation to complete each class & keep practising.”

“I found Margaret’s online classes when I was 5 months pregnant and completed these until I had my baby in July. They really helped during the first lockdown.

I then joined her postnatal classes which were excellent. I had access to these for over 6 weeks and could do them in my own time which was brilliant as I had a new baby to look after. I really felt the benefits of both these classes which were both informative and easy to follow.”

Emma Craig